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Temporary Tattoo Tips

To apply your Temporary Henna Tattoo:

Clean skin with soap and water to remove makeup dirt and oils. Ensure your skin is hair free in the area you will apply the tattoo. Dry skin completely.

Cut out your favorite pattern. Remove the protective film. Place the tattoo face down on skin.

Wet thoroughly with a wet cloth or sprayer. Press firmly while thoroughly wet for about a minute. Gently remove one corner of the paper to reveal the tattoo on your skin. If it is sticking well, gently pull the paper off leaving the tattoo sticker behind on your skin.

Make sure to read the temporary tattoo tips below on extending the life of your tattoo.

To remove your Temporary Henna Tattoo:

Dab the tattoo with rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer,  or baby oil. Rub gently and repeatedly until the tattoo is removed.

Wash the area with warm soapy water to remove residue. Avoid scrubbing any area of skin too raw, if the sticky residue will not come off use more baby oil and wash again with soap and water.

If the skin becomes irritated cover it with petroleum jelly or vaseline and allow it to rest. Do not reapply a new tattoo to the same area until the skin is not longer irritated from the removal of the previous tattoo.

To extend the life of your Henna Tattoo:

Avoid rubbing the tattoo or covering it with clothing or anything that will act as an abrasive to the design.

Avoid using lotions, perfumes, or other chemicals near your tattoo.

Although your tattoo is waterproof, getting it wet will shorten the duration it will stay on your skin so you should avoid sweating, swimming or showering with a fresh temporary tattoo.

Apply a thin layer of translucent powder or baby powder with a soft cosmetic brush to extend the life of your tattoo.

By following these temporary tattoo tips you should be able to increase the life of your tattoo significantly.