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Mylar Cone Tips

Henna Cone Making Instructions ~ Mylar Cone Tips

For many decades Henna Tattoo artists have been using hand rolled cones for making precise lines. Flexible materials such as Mylar and Cellophane provide the least strain on the hands while applying your design and are preferred by most artists over syringes and other more difficult and time consuming application methods such as sticks and toothpicks.

Henna Market Henna Mylar Cone TipsTriangles are usually the easiest for most users to roll into cones, but you can also make henna cones from squares following a similar method as triangles. Use smaller cones or squares for smaller applications and larger cones for larger applications.

Small Cosmetics, One-Time Use, and Small Design Applications
6” Square – 6” Triangle

Whole Hand, Whole Foot, Larger Design Applications
9” Square – 9” Triangle

To Make Henna Cones:

Follow the mylar cone tips instructions on the picture to the right. Start by placing your triangle with the point up. Put your finger on the middle part of the bottom side of the triangle and form a tip of a cone from that point curling the right side up towards the left side. Curl the left side upwards to the right and twist the paper around until a cone forms that can hold a paste

Tape the cone together starting near the cone tip with clear tape. Your hole should be about the size of a straight pin, and as a guide you can insert a straight pin to help you form the perfect pinhole and also seal your henna cone while you fill it and in between uses. If you tighten your cone around the pin to hold in in place it can act like a stopper. If your paste mixture is so thick that you find your pin hole to be just too small, you can snip a tiny bit off to make the hole larger.

Tie a ribbon tightly about 2” from the end of your bag. If the ribbon is tied too loosely when pressure builds up your paste may work its way out and make a mess.